About Us


enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing.
"a night of drunken reveling"
synonyms: celebrate, make merry, have a party, carouse, roister
lively and noisy enjoyment, especially with drinking and dancing.
synonyms: celebration, festivity, jollification, merrymaking, carousing. 
Thanks for stopping by Revel Bar Chicago your neighborhood Sports Bar and Grill. 
Since we opened our doors on March 13th 2015 Revel Bar Chicago has prided our selves on giving local residents the best prices, the best service & the friendliest staff in the area. We make sure when you walk through that door you feel right at home. While we have everything from great food to great specials we pride our selves in customer service... 
We feature an expansive Menu that appeals to many different tastes. Whether you want to indulge in our classic comfort food starring our Spicy Chicken Tenders, Gourmet Burgers or something a little more fresh and unique such as our Ghost Sliders and Voodoo Sticks you'll be sure to have a delicious, very well portioned satisfying meal. 
Need a location to watch your favorite sports team and drink an ice cold Beverage? Then Revel Bar Chicago is the place to be... We show all UFC PPV's, Love our Blackhawks and the rest of our Chicago teams... Our goal is to one day be known as one of the best sports bars in the Northwest Chicago Land area. 
Looking for a great weekend spot to actually listen to music and dance? Yes! Revel Bar Chicago again. With our awesome sound system we can host many events or parties, Our event coordinator can assist you in putting together a reasonably priced package deal. 
If you haven't checked  us out yet, what are you waiting for? Get down here and lets Revel!